Diverse Markets Management (DMM), LLC is a DC-based firm specializing in the development and management of outdoor public exhibitor markets. Principals in the firm are experienced leaders in specialty vending and in managing relations with this unique group of small business entrepreneurs.


Members of the DMM team have an experienced and successful history of working together on markets, especially at historic Eastern Market. Key attributes of the team include the manager of The Flea Market at Eastern Market (FMEM), decades of business activity as exhibitors and managers, as well as long working relationships with other stakeholders of the Market.


Because our team has actual investments and livelihoods based on vending and deep roots in the city, we have a particularly personal commitment to a market's success. We are strongly dedicated to developing and maintaining a financially sustainable market while enhancing the ongoing integration of a market into the community.


DMM principals have significant experience in the following areas:
• Outdoor Arts, Crafts and Flea Market Management
• Special Event Planning and Programming
• Arts Facility Development and Programming
• Community Relations
• Public Relations and Marketing
• Business Development
• Strategic Planning
• Historic Preservation
• Government Relations
• Real Estate Management


DMM is highly regarded for its role as managers and consultants. Our team is comprised of seasoned outdoor market management professionals - no "on the job" training required. Team members are skilled community consensus managers, with in-depth knowledge of the exhibitor community. In addition, we have an extensive network of arts and cultural events specialists to support market programming.


We are also respected for our experience in designing markets that contribute to the revitalization of historically and economically significant areas in DC, including Eastern Market. We understand the tasks required to successfully enhance a public market: government, community, and exhibitor consensus building; organizational skills; financial accountability; marketing and communications talent; and extensive database development. Combined with our excellent relationship skills, cultivation of new and varied exhibitors, constant and vigilant on-site presence, and dispute resolution experience; DMM has become the most capable outdoor market management group in the DC region.


Michael Berman

Executive Director

Michael Berman has experience in the fine arts, art community organizing, land planning, historic preservation, real estate, property management, and the development of outdoor markets. He is a practicing artist and active exhibitor. Michael has worked with both public and governmental agencies, as well as privately funded companies in arts related programs and exhibiting. He served as a board member of the Public Space Planning and Management Corporation, which provided the District with advice and oversight concerning vending laws, planning and management. Michael maintains his studio on Capitol Hill and is a member of many local and city organizations.



Tom Rall


Tom Rall, whose manager of the Flea Market at Eastern Market, for nearly 30 years, helped build the Sunday market into what has been called one of the "best small markets in the country". He turned what once was an under-used public space on Sundays into a contributing element of an economic revitalization that realtors and guides call the "heart of Capitol Hill". Tom has deep ties to the Capitol Hill community and has been a contributing member of the pillar organizations that keep the Hill a proud and rich neighborhood.



Jeff Taliaferro


Jeff Taliaferro joined the company as a director in May 2014. His company JWT Financial Consulting, has provided financial management services for several years. He has extensive experience in internal financial management reporting and a diverse background in a wide-range of industries including: Public Sector, Homeland Security, Commercial, State & Local and Healthcare. He has a proven track record for improving financial efficiency through effective utilization of information technology.