2017 Downtown Holiday Market

Map and Directions Here
801 F St. NW
Washington, DC 20004

The application for the Downtown Holiday Marketis now closed. For information regarding spaces please inquire via the Contact Us page.

The Downtown Holiday Market is a program produced in partnership with the Downtown Business Improvement District (DBID) and Diverse Markets Management (DMM).  It will operate the 4 weeks before Christmas from Nov 24- Dec 23..

The wide sidewalk of F Street, between 7th and 9th Streets NW, in front of the Smithsonian Museum for American Art and Portraiture.

This will be a juried high quality market intended to feature a diverse mix of seasonal gift items and unique products.  Exhibitors will be selected based upon the contribution to a vibrant environment of varied high-quality gifts.  Hand made items, artwork, imported handcrafts and specialty foods are welcome.  Presentation is an important element of the market environment; booths should be inviting and thoughtfully arranged.  Only pre-approved products will be allowed to be displayed. DMM reserves the right to restrict or reject any exhibitor with products deemed unsuitable.  Pictures of product will be required for application acceptance.

There are 57 tented booth spaces. All spaces are 10’x10’ high-peak tents with a back wall, tall ceilings and closable overnight. Ground covering and electricity is provided. The Market does NOT provide tables, chairs, extension cords, or lighting beyond general ambient booth light. Displays must stay inside 10’x10’ space. A “pop-up” canopy frame may not necessarily fit within the 10’x10’ space.

All space provisions include:
·Sheltered tent structures  ·Ground covering protection  ·Electricity to light your booth.

You must provide your own:
·Heavy duty extension cords  ·Tables and chairs 
·Display lighting (basic overhead light will be provided)

Exhibitors rotate throughout the event.  During participation, exhibitors must keep space neat and orderly, arrive on site with enough time to complete set-up or restocking prior to the public opening of the market and must not leave any display materials, product or debris behind after participation period has ended, even if scheduled to return for a second segment.  Failure to meet this policy or abide by other guidelines of the event will result in denial of participation in the future or evicition from the show.  The jury will grant awards to 10 qualifying hand-made artists for 20% discount on their booth fee.

There will be a select number of spaces set aside for exhibitors who have the capacity to display for the entire event.  Qualification for this opportunity includes: proven ability to staff the booth, maintain stock the entire time, and significantly improve display to meet a retail storefront appearance.  An additional fee for this option applies.

Booth rates are $240 per day during WEEK 1, $275 per day WEEK 2, $350 per day WEEK 3 and $400 per day for the FINAL 9 DAYS. Additional fees apply for premium placement requests and to participate for the entire show. Double booths are available.  Half booth requests must be accompanied by a partner half booth applicant for same dates so as to complete a full booth assignment.  Preference for acceptance is given for exhibitors requesting complete segments over those choosing selected and non-consecutive dates. 


WEEK 1    7 days.  Fri 11/24 - Thu 11/30.    $1680    Includes early load-in on 11/22.
WEEK 2    7 days.  Fri 12/1 - Thu 12/7.      $1925
WEEK 3    7 days.  Fri 12/8 - Thu 12/14.    $2450
WEEK 4    9 days.  Fri 12/15 - Sat 12/23.   $3600 


· ENTIRE SHOW PREMIUM Fee: All 30 days. Additional $1345.   Includes early load-in on 11/23.

· PREMIUM PLACEMENT Fee:  $250 for special requests granted such as corner spaces or specific booth locations.

· APPLICATION Fee:  $45   Non-refundable. Due with application.

Qualified exhibitors will be notified of acceptance and total amount due beginning August 4. Payment is due by September 4.   A signed application is a commitment to participate in the Holiday Market. There are no refunds after November 1st or for non-attendance.  A $50 fee will be applied for dishonored checks.  A $50 per week fee is applied for late payments.

A loading area will be available at the curbside of the Market.  Load-in hours are 9am-10:30am.  Load-out hours are 8pm to 9pm.  You are required to be set up and open for business by 11:30am.  You must be fully packed prior to load-out to accommodate other vehicles in the loading area. Exhibitors maintaining a space for consecutive days may leave display materials overnight.

Space fees include free parking nearby.  You will receive a voucher card to park.